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  • The Most Spectacular Libraries in China: Which One Do You Prefer?

    Library is always a symbol of university position and strength as well as university spirit, being the important component of campus culture. Want to know which universities possess the most spectacular libraries? Check below article!

    Top New Features of CUCAS China Universities Rankings

    After CUCASers' constantly efforts, the new version of CUCAS University Ranking is online now. The new version of CUCAS University Ranking contains a lot of great new features, here we list top 4 new features in it to give you a brief look of our new "CUCAS University Ranking".

    Study in Wuhan in China, 5 Featured Universities worth your choice

    Wuhan has been a more and more popular destination for international students to study in China. With a 3,500-year-long history, Wuhan is one of the most ancient and civilized metropolitan cities in China, more ancient than Beijing, Xi'an and Nanjing.

  • 10 Most Beautiful Coastal Universities in China for Beach Lovers

    Universities in coastal area always enjoy great popularity among students. Beautiful campus is absolutely one of the reasons why students choose a university. For beach lovers, take the chance to see 10 most beautiful coastal universities in China.

    Top Places to Study Medical for International Students

    Faced with different medical universities, maybe students are confused about which university is his favorite or which city deserves his coming?

    The Trends for International students Study in China

    Do you know how many students come to study in China in these years? The number of students who study in China is still keep going. From this point, the trends for international students who want to study in China will be continuously growing. Now, the editor will show you this growing trends through different parts.