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Chang'an University


Chang'an University Ranking

    Situated in Xi'an, Chang’an University is a key university directly under the administration of the Education Ministry of the People's Republic of China and also listed as “211 Project” to be invested and constructed by the state.   
    Founded in 2000, the University offers a broad range of programs now, including 76 undergraduate programs, 96 master program...

Founded : 1951 Attribute : Public University
City : Xi'an Type : Science and Engineering Unviersity
Affiliate to : Ministry of Education National Key disciplines : 2
Mastar Degree Points : 96 Doctoral Degree Points : 46
Academicians : 2 Library Collection : 248w
Full-time Teachers : 1872 Master and Doctoral Tutors : 940

Chang'an University Ranking


    • Library

    • Self-study Room

    • Bookshelves

    • Gym

    • Zhaohui Gymnasium

    • Stadium

    • Shuhuiyuan Canteen

    • Zilanyuan Canteen

    • Delicious Food

    • Ta Chi Club

    • Students in Classroom

    • Groups Photo

    • Spring

    • Autumn

    • Winter



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